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ELLO means you're always well-connected.


Work or play, you choose.

You will be always connected with what really matters at the right price. 

ELLO is a small footprint maritime satellite system designed and engineered to operate free of user intervention, fully automatic, which allows vessel, crew and passengers to be always connected to satellite internet.

No matter what kind of IP applications you run - HTTPS, VPN, VoIP - or simply use your WI-FI enabled device (such as laptops, smartphones) to communicate seamlessly with the world, ELLO makes it easy. Flexible plans and affordable prices makes ELLO the system of choice.


Minimize costs and maximize profits with on-line

remote monitoring, enable the Internet of things onboard.

Manage and control all details of your fleet - from port to port - reliably. Information technology now delivered without the headaches.



A happy crew is a productive crew.
Flexible plans and integrated billing ensure cost control while connecting what matters onboard and onshore.


Safety doesn't always mean expensive.
Weather forecasts, fleet position and peace of mind, affordably.

Flexible plans and affordable prices, ELLO the best choice.

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We’ve shrunk everything – Even the bill!

​ELLO gives you all the features you want in a smaller form factor, shrinking the cost of Maritime connectivity. 2 small boxes below deck, that you can hold in the palm of your hand!

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The easiest connection on the water.

​We make everything easier, easy installation, easy activation, simple plans, coverage where you need, and billed with no surprises.

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Better performance from better technology.

We’ve integrated modem and Antenna controller, reducing complexity, increasing reliability and performance.

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Built for speed.

We’ve built network optimization from the ground up to improve the user experience. Remote connections shouldn’t be slow. Say hello to Velloz!

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