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Say Hello to ELLO!

Ello is about making connections easy for the maritime community.

Internet at Sea
Internet at Sea
Ellosat Telecom Maritime

For too long, mariners have been forced to settle for less, while paying stratospheric rates to connect internet at sea. ELLO has been designed from the ground up for the marine Telecom market by marine professionals with a passion for the sea.

Say goodbye to complicated hardware, tedious installations, unreliable service and uncontrollable costs. Say hello to small, modern, easy and cost effective communication at sea.

ELLO has been engineered from the ground up with the end user experience at the forefront. Ello brings efficiency to the markets that can't fit connectivity on their ships, for reasons of physical space, or budget.

Initially covering South America, ELLO offers data plans, packages and equipment in a flexible, all-inclusive, monthly fee, with no hidden costs!

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